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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 21, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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. >> kimberly: this is a fox news alert. breaking news in washington on the fiscal cliff standoff. the drama is intensifying, minute by minute. we're awaiting president obama
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who will deliver statement on the negotiation moments from now at the white house after speaker john boehner plan "b" failed to move forward in the house last night. fox senior correspondent ed henry is in the briefing room. sned >> reporter: good evening. we're told the president is meeting with harry reid. they are trying to figure some way out here. the senate out until a day or so after christmas. house members have been cut loose after the plan "b," you noted, failed last night. they are said to be not that far apart, president and speaker boehner on $4 trillion debt deal. plan "a." couple hundred billion dollars apart in spending cut and new tax increases. yet, those have internally been shut down for several days since boehner introduced plan "b." frustration in the white house they believe that speaker boehner wasted several days dealing with plan "b" and couldn't get it through a republican house. that's part of why the senator
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harry reid is now here with the president, trying to figure out if they have a vehicle to deal with this. you will remember legislation extending tax cuts for anybody making under $250,000 has passed through the senate. the house would not take that up. as noted, they took up the legislation last night. that would have just extended the tax cuts for anyone making under $1 million a year. that was speaker boehner's plan "b" but he did not have the votes and had to pull it off the floor. they feel confident in the west wing behind me they have the public on their side. that the blame will lie with speaker boehner for not getting it done. in private moments behind me, they admit they are apprehensive about the way forward here. they reelize the president will take the blame because any washington inaction will blow up not just on congress but could blow up on the president as well.
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we think he believes that the dell deal is on the table and boehner should sign off behas not done that. >> kimberly: we'll check back later in the program. everybody watched last night to see what would happen. fail to have the votes, catastrophic. >> eric: right. we were in the green room of hannity waiting to go on. they said well, you know, they decided not go to the vote. we were scratching our heads, real? boehner called for a vote without knowing how many votes he had. he either really didn't know or people decided they would vote yes decided to vote no vote or not present, which is what i think happened. but last night, speaker boehner got a message is a vote of no confidence.
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>> the white house and the senate said plan "b" was dead on arrival if it passed anyway. then the republicans failed to have the vote said well, you know what? we passed that in the summer. why not say that in first place? here is an interesting thing about what ed said. boehner and obama are close together but either has the party with them. whatever. >> the speaker brought this to talk about bringing it up without a vote count is beyond me. he has leadership around him. one of the leadership colleagues said that boehner's problem was the 40 chuckleheads which he was referring to of the conservative -- >> yeah. >> we're not going to go along with it. now boehner has to make a hard decision. is he going to go along with combination of minority of republicans and the democrats? >> he can't. what are you talking about? >> bob: sure he can. >> dana: it's not boehner's responsibility. it's obama's. >> eric: president obama
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played this perfectly. the way i see this playing out. go over the fiscal cliff. deal is not done. obama lets the bush tax cuts expire. back to a higher tax rate. then he is going to come back and say you know what? let's go back and make the tax cuts, obama tax cuts for the 98% he wanted to before. if you are republican hard to vote against the tax cut. >> kimberly: deliver. >> eric: the pro-- >> bob: the proposal boehner had is make sure they didn't have the, increase. >> eric: 99. >> bob: whatever. >> greg: got plans for weekend? i'm thinking about renting movies. i'm not sure that tom cruise can play jack reacher. i love the books. it's like watching junkies vote if they cut off their own heroin. you get luck expecting bees to been a honey went're on plan
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"b" and there are 24 other letters in the alphabet. this could go on for quite a while. watching the process is hanging around as a mechanic as he works on your car. best to leave it alone. go home. wait for the phone call. then you come back and you pick up the car. if the car is not working screw it. you move to high. >> kimberly: filibuster. >> greg: filigreger. president obama said it's hard for them to say yes to me. so the gist of the presidency they can't separate the person from the principles. it's not about the country. it's about him. i'm going through the next thing. >> bob: the reason reid is there obama can't sell it to
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them yet. >> dana: that's the point. democrats are in more -- >> kimberly: the problem is -- [ overtalk ] >> bob: hard time selling it. >> eric: plan "b"? >> dana: reid can't sell the deficit reduction piece, spending reduction. that will come back to haunt them in 2014. which is that the spending want spend reductions. that he can't sell it means they're in trouble. >> can i make this point? walk away from the negotiatio negotiations. instead boehner tried to cobble it together. >> bob: protect the guys in 2014. they will get blamed.
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>> dana: i think boehner did it on principle, unlike schumer who put out a bill and now he doesn't believe in because the politics are different now. >> greg: the point of this is politics. when it comes to politics the democrats are the yankees and the republicans are the bad news bears. this was supposed to be about spending. instead, the democrats were able to steer republicans to make it about the deficit. when you talk about the deficit, then you talk about raising taxes. if you were talking about spending, you could never talk about raising taxes. >> kimberly: messaging was wrong. >> greg: from the start. >> bob: seven minutes late getting started. trying to get a deal with reid now. >> kimberly: is that what it is? other big news. president obama picked a nominee to replace hillary clinton as the next secretary of state.
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>> i am proud to announce my next nominee for secretary of state. john kerry. he's respected by democrats and republicans. few know as many president or foreign ministers or grab the foreign -- grasp the foreign policy as well as john kerry. >> kimberly: what do you think? we heard rumors about this. eric bolling has fiscal cliff flashcards. he loves this. >> greg: president obama said about kerry he is not going to need a lot of on-the-job training. so that was obama taking a brutal jab at the president of the united states. >> dana: outrageous. >> greg: it was. do you think obama is going to respond to obama about the insult? >> kimberly: they could get together to have a point press conference. >> bob: couldn't a better choice. head of foreign relations committee. he understands the foreign policy better than anybody i
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know. he and hagel together if hagel gets past the republicans to get the defense department, those are highly decorated world -- >> greg: he makes hundreds of millions of dollars on ketchup put on burgers and fries. he is making americans fat. >> kimberly: i think he never wanted rice to take secretary of state. president obama. they offered it to her because of what happened. she stepped down and i think ultimately he wanted -- >> dana: i thought it was strange. i would have like to have heard from the senator. strange he didn't get a chance, or he chose not to -- >> this give brown another shot in senate. >> greg: they have to find a candidate 1/37th cherokee to beat him. jimenez getting strangier by the moment. >> eric: are we in this segment? >> kimberly: souper in it.
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>> eric: fox news alert. we're awaiting president obama who is supposed to make remarks on the fiscal cliff and the breakdown of the vote on the republican side from
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last night. we'll keep an eye on it. we have the podium and we should get a two-minute warning prior to the president making announcement. get to it as soon as we can. highly anticipated nra response to the progressive push to more gun laws in the aftermath of tragedy in newtown. nra ceo wane lapiere. >> we care about our money. so we protent our banks with armed guards -- protect our banks with armed guards. american airports, office buildings, power plans, courthouses. even sports stadiums. are all protected by armed security. >> i call on congress today to act immediately and appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every school in this nation and do it now. >> eric: rather than go in
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diatribe where i think gun shows should be i'll show what you said monday. >> think about every bank you have been in to. tell me a time you have seen a bank which is not guarded with someone a professional with or without a gun or knows what he is doing. show me a bank that doesn't have a guard i'll show you a bank that will be robbed. why is not time to put trained professionals, i'm not saying arming administrators, putting someone who knows how to handle themselves and a weapon at the door of every school in america. if we do it for banks we can do it. >> eric: there may be a whole host of reason why a mad man murders children. mental illness, drug abuse, violent video game movie and culture. it stand in agreement with the nra before we shred the constitution, let's strengthen the security at the schools. after all, don't the kids destouffer be as safe as sports arenas? bob you are making a lot of noise. >> bob: first, i see
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lapiere, i my stomach turns. the nr ab they call a press conference because they have been quiet and they call for more guns and redend if use of the gun that the kid used. it's true. armed guard would be helpful in the schools. average $50,000 per school. that is lots and lots of -- >> greg: we spend that money in other countrys. i would rather have it spent here. i'm glad you say you agree because that was the central question of this whole thing. if there was an armed security there at the school, would it allow for possibility of lived saves. there question. no question. the media is grateful there was a protest because that allows the focus instead on that. rather than the actual message which is that the gun-free zones are the best place to kill people. e-ticket for maniacs. time we open up our eyes and say let the schools accept the idea of a shield. if they don't want the shield, the parents can decide what
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schools they can go to. every parent will want a school protected. >> bob: you think he should have mentioned mental health or anything else? >> greg: he did. it was a very long speech. he went in the culture and the -- >> bob: i read it. >> greg: i watched it. mental health and video games which i kind of disagree with. the primary focus is how do you protect the kids and deal with this with facts rather than emotion. >> kimberly: rather get on an airplane with an air marshall than doesn't. >> greg: we should protect children the way we protect a child like piers morgan. surrounded by guns. >> dana: i don't have anything to say. >> eric: look at this, then. take full screen. the top killers in the united states. most recent data we could find. smoking, 443,000. medical errors. 195,000. these are per year. accidents, 118,000. gun murders. 11,000.
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so, that means before we start pulling banning guns, been a doctors, been a cars, been a cigarettes, ans -- ban cars andn cigarettes. >> bob: where did you get the 11,000 from? >> eric: cdc. >> greg: it doesn't include suicides. >> bob: murders? >> eric: murders bay gun. >> bob: what about accidental shots? >> eric: total death by gun was 36,000. total. all forms. suicide included. >> kimberly: look at the new numbers. 8,000 new members joining a day the nra. you can't dismiss it outright swept people that feel we should have the armed security guards in school. why wouldn't you? what is the downside of that? why isn't a child's life -- >> bob: i don't think there is a downside to it. but a comprehensive, it's true that lapiere mexed other things and no solutions for any of them. proposal to put more guns out there. >> eric: we did say we are
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pulling some funding, bringing back funding for mental health issues. more of that. he did point out instead of all the foreign aid, pakistan, the countries that we give billions of dollars to, pull some of that and use that to secure -- >> dana: i'm not for the federal government providing one to school districts for more things. for guns. maybe as a tetch rare measure. but i think -- temporary measure, but education should be state and local issue. if the parents get together with the school district decide an armed guards figure out a way to prioritize to make it happen. if there are, i think the justice department grant system is not a good one. it's mired down. then we have to figure out how to cut it. the democrats, republican, government hasn't done anything on entitlement. >> bob: the board of education said it would cost $56,000 per school in long island to put armed guy there. they don't the money for it.
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>> dana: that could be money well spent. >> eric: quick update to a story "the five" and the fox family has been covering. marine john hammer who is being held in mexican prison chained to a bed is reportedly going to be released today. or was released today. we'll call at it fox news christmas miracle and thank you for mexican government for doing the right thing. >> kimberly: we talked about this last night on hannity. i'm glad for the outcome. i wish it had come sooner. i think you need to send strong leadership statement and make an example that we will not tolerate injustice and a crime committed against american who did not committee illegal act. this cannot go on? >> eric: good thing, mexican government -- >> dana: they figured out a way to get it settled. try not to lose faith in mexico to get it solved. >> bob: it shows as i said yesterday the united states government has been negotiating for some time with this guy and doing it quietly not loudly like elizabet --
2:22 pm
>> kimberly: the press secretary didn't know about it. >> eric: i love you but one judge let him go. one judgeed signed the release. one person. anyway. got to go. >> greg: terrible idea. kidding. of course it's a great idea. i have to agree with bob on this, there was stuff going on at the time. and they're not allowed to talk about it. see, bob, i agree with you of. >> bob: thank you. >> eric: we go in-depth on a poll that bob brought up yesterday. we ran out of time but we'll get to it. plus, headaches for millions of one of the busiest travel days of the year. monster storm blows through the country. what you can expect if you have planes, trains, automobiles in your future. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: i love that john cafferty. enough poll marx jurorty of americans say the g.o.p. beliefs are not main stream. the polling director, whoever he. is said it may be due to tarnished republican brand. perhaps. but the republican party is indeed extreme. if you accept the portrayal of them. if you explain how taxing the top 2% doesn't help the deficit, you're extreme. if you think government shouldn't give money to failed green energy project, you're extreme. if you think school decisions are better made at local level than d.c., you're extreme. if you think it's weird that government would jail government for making a poorly done video, extreme. if you want a debate about the real impact of man-made global warming, extreme. if you think bloated government is overdone. extreme. if you hold to any specific principle grounded in what your ground parents called
2:28 pm
common sense, you're extreme. by extreme, the media means mean. if it's an old stereotype, the media is mad at the daddy that didn't hug them. they have a survey to soothe the wounds. i'm extreme. that is a compliment. i stick to my principles. if you like me, embrace the extremist. in another age it was called a spine. >> dana: bravo! i like that one. we could run it again. >> kimberly: this was extreme. >> dana: put those on itunes. >> greg: i would be rich. probably not. some people consider you extremist. >> kimberly: extremely awesome. >> greg: is the g.o.p. extreme? >> kimberly: i don't think so. they should have stuck that their principles. what did do it? there doesn't appear to be negotiation. you have a coupe incoming on john boehner.
2:29 pm
so right now at the end of the year, what have we accomplis accomplished. >> greg: you would know a lot about stalemates. bob, viewers are trying to hear about this. >> bob: you make this sound that liberals feel this way. majority of the american people and majority of those who voted for the president of the united states, think the republican party is extreme. and it is. it's gone back to the days of barry goldwater. way to the right. the right wingers are holding everything up. >> greg: this is my point. isn't the word extreme unfair because it confuses two themes. beliefs that are outside the form and fidelity to principl principle. >> dana: but they hate the principle so you are extreme. use a banned phrase. narrative in the media is thes . actually, if you look at
2:30 pm
theteams and a lot of them were elected in the past election. it is more extreme on the left than it has been. not to say there aren't extremists on the right as well. go to my gallup poll from the summer 306789% of the people were republican, 30% democrat and 40% are independent because both parties are too extreme for them. you can talk about the republicans being extreme. >> bob: media people but it was a poll by the general public. >> eric: that was, too. what i mentioned. >> bob: this poll has nothing to do with the media but it's people polled. they think you are extreme. dabs where did the people get their information? >> bob: i don't know. >> greg: that was my point. your chest hair has been called extreme. >> eric: no. got rid of it. every once in a while. >> dana: takes extreme measures. >> eric: you like the poll, cnn poll. extreme. here is what is going on. left the moving left. obama revamped how we do business in america. we do a lot of things. the left moved left. the right is trying to figure
2:31 pm
out where the center is now. squishy republicans trying to move to the center. squishy ones but the center is moving left. if you stay with the what used to be the regular right wing, you are suddenly becoming extreme. >> bob: palin or bachmann could be elected president. >> dana: i have point. republicans just don't know how to talk about this. they have won a huge fight on principle. that is about tax relief. because president obama after for years saying the bush tax cut only help the wealthy. the bush tax cuts were the things saving the middle class. and the lower classes from extreme tax increases. so the republicans have won on the issue that will serve them well in history. >> eric: if you stand on your principle, guns, social issues, you're extreme. on the right. only on the right. >> greg: only on the right. >> bob: if you elect someone like sarah palin on the flat
2:32 pm
form, see what happens. >> greg: she was elected. >> bob: to what? >> greg: governor once. leftist principles are seen as romantic. right principles are extreme. >> dana: dangerous when they're right. >> eric: small government, lower tax takes, gun ownership, second amendment. social issues. right to life. and you're extremist. that has been the republican platform for the better part of 200 years. >> bob: you are missing the point. you lost. there was an election. >> dana: do you think i'm extreme? >> no doubt. the right lost. >> dana: do you think i'm extreme? >> bob: you're not. >> dana: i consider myself strongly conservative in principles. >> greg: when you lose election you're defined as extreme? >> eric: if you are not extreme and you're on the right, you fall in the squishy
2:33 pm
republican group. i will get heat for that. john boehner fell in the trap. he squished to the middle. let's raise taxes on everybody above $1 million. entertain $400,000. look how it's working out. >> bob: the right wing republicans were beaten at the polls. >> eric: moderate republican got beat. his name is mitt romney. you try to elect a moderate massachusetts republican. ain't going to work. >> bob: sarah palin would? >> eric: i didn't say that. >> dana: bail? we have to get to rodeo package. >> greg: dana perino, that person, the little one, obnoxious one that bother mess every day made her way to sin city for a rodeo show, i believe. >> dana: it's not a rodeo show. it's a rodeo. >> greg: why do i bother
2:34 pm
doing the tease if you will interrupt and destroy all momentum i have. this was a fun segment. now it's ruined. i'm not talking anymore. show some of this video. >> dana: wanted to know if he could get your number? >> i am booked through miss rodeo america so you have to call my committee on that one. >> dana: he probably will. >> greg: trying to get a date for you, bob. are we not taking a break now? what is going on? >> bob: the president of the united states is coming. >> dana: he can leave them waiting. >> greg: we're going to pre-empt dana perino's rodeo package. >> dana: this is an outrage. call in. vote. do not let this happen. >> eric: take a vote on the set here. how many vote for dana's package? hands up. let the record show -- >> dana: bob! >> bob: sorry, i think we should listen to the president of the united states at a critical point. put your rodeo package
2:35 pm
tomorrow. >> dana: it's saturday. >> bob: on monday. >> greg: i would rather see dana riding a bull than listen to the president giving bull. >> bob: gee, that's good. >> eric: or we could wait for the president. roll dana's package in the block an bump's bob's block. >> bob: what else is new? >> eric: you want the president so badly. >> bob: give up my 33 seconds. >> kimberly: what do you think is going on? this is now 35 minutes behind. >> eric: no idea. >> kimberly: any positive outcome trying to get it done before the announcement? >> eric: absolutely not. >> dana: i don't think so. i don't think they can get a deal without reid going to hill to talk to members. >> kimberly: logistically speaking you can't make sense. >> bob: if you think reid is there for 35 minutes to delay a press conference and get nothing done. if you get nothing done you are going over the cliff. >> greg: this is stunning. by the way, fact about podiums they were invented in the
2:36 pm
1500s by sir johan podium. a tiny little man. >> dana: you should be hired for color commentary at a press conference. somebody is yelling in my ear -- no, here he comes. this is great. >> good afternoon, everybody. for the last few weeks i have been working with leaders of both parties on the proposal to get the deficit under control. avoid tax hikes on the middle class. toing may sure to spur jobs on economic growth. cuts spending and asks wealthiest americans to pay more. proposal to strengthen if middle class over the long haul. in the course of the negotiations i offered to compromise with the republicans in congress. it met them halfway on taxes
2:37 pm
and more than halfway on spending. in dollar amounts we're not fa that far apart. of today, i'm still ready and willing to get a catch henceive package done. i believe reducing the deficit the right thing i do for the economy and health of the businesses. i remain committed toward working toward that goal. whether it happens all at once or whether it happens in several different steps. in ten days we face a deadline. in ten days under current law tax rates are set to rise on most americans. democrats and republicans are arguing about whether the rates should go up for wealthiest individuals, all of us, every single one of us agree tax rates should go up for the other americans, including 98% of small
2:38 pm
business. every member of congress believes that. every democrat. every republican. so there is absolutely no reason, none, not to protect these americans from a tax hike. at the very least, let's agree right now on what we already agree on. let's get that done. i just spoke to speaker bane and i also -- speaker bane and i also met with reid. ited is them to work toward a package to prevent a tax hike on middle class americans, protect unemployment insurance for 2 -- insurance for 2 million americans and lays groundwork for further growth on deficit reduction. that is an achievable goal. that can get done in ten days. once this legislation is agreed to. i expect democrats and republicans to get back to washington and have it pass both chambers. i will immediately sign that
2:39 pm
legislation in to law. before january 1 of next year. it's that simple. averting this middle class tax hike is not a democratic responsibility or a republican responsibility. with their votes, the american people determined that governing is a shared responsibility between both parties. in this congress, laws can only pass with support from democrats and republicans. that means nobody gets 100% of what they want. everybody has to give a little bit. in a sensible way. we move forward together, or we don't move forward at all. so, as we leigh town for a few days to be with our families, for the holidays, i hope it gives everybody perspective. even can cool off. everybody can drink some eggnog. have christmas cookies, sing
2:40 pm
some christmas carols. enjoy the company of loved ones. then i'd ask every member of congress while they are back home to think about that. think about the obligations we have to the people who sent us here. think about the hardship that so many americans will ensure if congress does nothing at all. just as our economy is really starting to recover, and we're starting to see optimistic signs and we have seen actually some up side statistics from a range of areas including housing, now is not the time for more self-inflicted wounds. certainly not those coming from washington. there is so much more work to be done in this country. on jobs and incomes, education. and energy. we are a week away from one of the worst tragedies in memory. we have work to do on gun safety.
2:41 pm
host of other issues. these are channels we can meet. challenges we have to meet. if we want our kids to grow up in america that is full of opportunity and possibility. as much opportunity and possibility as the america that the parents and grandparents left for us. but we are only able to do it together. we have to find common ground. the challenge we have now is american people are more sensible more thoughtful and willing to compromise and give and sacrifice and act responsibly than the elected representatives are. there is a mismatch how everybody else is thinking about the problem. democrats and republicans outside of this town and how folks are operating here.
2:42 pm
we have to get that aligned but we only have ten days to do it. i hope every member of congress is thinking about that. nobody can get 100% of what they want. this is not simply a contest between parties in terms of who looks good and who doesn't. there are consequences to what we do. i want next year to be strong economic growth. i want next year to be a year in which more jobs are created and more businesses are started. we are making progress on all the challenges that we have out there. some of which we don't have as much control over as we do shaping sensible budget. this is something within our capacity. to solve. it doesn't take this much work. we have to do the right thing. call me a hopeless optimist.
2:43 pm
but i still think we can get it done. with that, i want to wish every american merry christmas. and, you know, because we didn't get it done i'll see you next week. >> dana: we'll see him in hawaii. >> eric: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> greg: he spoke a lot about common ground and doing it together. is that his way of saying agree with me? >> eric: can i make a point before mr. beckel says he had a deal, he talked to reid and will come and announce a deal. shining armor. right off the sun -- ride off to sunset to hawaii. had nothing, did nothing. all he did is come to the podium i talked to reid and boehner, i'm out of here. going to hawaii. >> bob: you haven't spent much time negotiating in washington. if you don't think there is a deal done by december 31 -- why would he talk to boehner? >> kimberly: he has to. >> bob: to go to hawaii? >> kimberly: yes. >> eric: before he goes, everyone on the right will say why --
2:44 pm
>> bob: they had -- >> eric: why go hawaii? >> bob: reid, here are the parameters. boehner, we'll sell this. deal by 28 or 29. >> kimberly: demonize republicans to say he would meet them halfway and number of instances. look, i'm presidential and i am showing leadership. they're intractable. they are the bad guys, i'm good guy and aloha. >> bob: he came up to $400,000 in taxes. >> greg: got to go. much more to come. "the five" will be back in a moment. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." last week i went to vegas for the national finals rodeo, i caught up with miss rodeo chenae shiner and don gay,
2:49 pm
eight-time bull riding champion. take a look. >> don gay, world champion bull rider. how have you helped make this rodeo the hottest nicket town? >> the rodeo is solid because of the event, the cowboys and you are paid on performance. that's what most of america relates to. >> what an incredible year! >> for tradition, all of that stuff plays in making this one of the most exciting sporting events there is. >> what is the most exciting event? >> i'll say bull riding. nobody wants to see a bad wreck, but if you have a bad wreck, nobody wants to miss it. >> do you watch "the five"? >> i do. >> do you think that bob beckel could ever be one of the rodeo clowns that wears the suspenders? >> oh, yeah. [ laughter ] am i really taller than greg gutfeld? >> dana: yes. >> yes! >> your miss rodeo america is chenae shiner. >> i can't describe that moment as i'm sitting there.
2:50 pm
you almost go numb and try not to feel anything until they announce anything. it's shock and excitement. >> what is the next year like for you? >> you go to over 200 rodeos a year. traveling and promoting the sport of rodeo. >> will you be in new york in 2013? >> i hope so. >> come visit us on "the five"? >> love to. >> have dinner with bob? >> only if he wears suspender suspenders. >> thanks, you guys. >> rodeo was great. bob, you were a hot topic all around. everybody was asking. we have the romney who were there. photograph of that. they got a spontaneous standing ovation from the crowd. don't know if we have a picture. greg has rodeo facts. >> greg: i do research for topics unlike people here. rodeo started as a way for people who didn't know v cars to learn how to park them. roping contest was originally developed from cowboys who like to hold down cattle while they tickle them. most of the animals used in rodeos are docile. and seasoned actors trained in
2:51 pm
eng land by top shakespeareian to act violence. the term red owe means to go around in -- rodeo means to go around in spanish. kimberly shouts rodeo at me standing in the hallway. >> bob: you have completely now lost your mind. >> kimberly: you have. >> dana: would you go to the rodeo next year? >> kimberly: sure. >> dana: can you imagine? you like the rodeo, too. >> eric: i love it. i like bull riding. the cowboys are the stars but the real stars are the bulls. >> dana: it's very exciting. we have picture of the romney now? no. it's a step-day event. >> bob: want to see this. >> kimberly: you are not nice. >> dana: palin was there on saturday night. she and todd was on the kiss cam. they did kiss cam. >> greg: i find that offensive. >> dana: that is why we don't have it here on "the five." >> kimberly: thank bob. >> eric: the rangers have a kiss cam. one time in the stands,
2:52 pm
watching in between period, the kiss cam comes and comes on to a guy i know. i recognize the guy. and kiss the girl, wasn't his wife. i swear to god. >> dana: bob, you had a ranch. partner in a ranch. you like the west, right? >> bob: i do. i like rodeos. jackson, wyoming, every friday night had a rodeo. it was small but you could sit down in front. it's great. tremendous hatletes. the clowns are tremendous athletes. >> dana: very good to make sure they're protected. national rodeo, they sponsor the wrangler patriot program. they raise $650,000 for the wounded warrior. >> kimberly: i have been to the rodeo. you don't think so. >> dana: do you wear high heeled? >> kimberly: of course. i have high boots. cowboy boots.
2:53 pm
>> dana: there is a twitter called kim's shoes or something. one more thing up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if someone asks what it feels like to drive a jeep grand cherokee, tell them it's like being nestled in an eight-way, adjustable, heated and ventilated seat surrounded by a 500-watt sound system while floating on a suspension made of billowy clouds. or you could just hand them your keys. ♪ ♪
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>> kimberly: time now for
2:57 pm
one more thing. we're going to give you a taste of what you'll see for the christmas eve special. roll it. ♪ ♪ >> bob: how do i get to the top of it? [ laughter ] >> kimberly: that is fabulous! it look like an elf. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: look at the face. the eyebrows. [ laughter ] >> greg: doesn't the guy have a medical disorder? >> kimberly: you are ruining my life, bob. on that "entertainment tonight" national was the clip they used. it was totally false. nobody everybody thinks it's true. >> eric: "jersey shore" christmas balls. this is snookie. >> kimberly: situation. check out my situation. >> eric: paulie. >> bob: i said on my own i'd do christmas the way i wanted to do it. labor of love more then anything else. because no sane human being would do all of this work. >> dana: like a calendar, he went swimming. we went to the beach.
2:58 pm
>> kimberly: my gosh. >> bob: that is really good. [ laughter ] >> dana: what is wrong with you. are you happy i made it for you? >> greg: very happy. if you saw the pictures in the calendar, it's obscene. >> kimberly: i still have not recovered from it. >> dana: my abs hurt from laughing. tonight at 10:00, fox files. family friendly viewing. three things, one about gary sinese, claudia cowen and in-depth, interesting look at franksy gnat tra junior kidnapping. it did a thing on super dog. take a look. another dog in law enforcement. we met up with his handler. this k-9 sunt helping to -- unit is helping lead fight against terrorism in big
2:59 pm
apple. >> what would be sniffing for? >> here, the primary concern is on transit system. >> tell me how important dogs have become to american security? >> the dog lets us move around, anyplace, any time. they are versatile. lucky to have them. >> that is tonight at 10:00nd. it runs saturday and sunday if you miss it. >> greg: tonight, "red eye" we have kerry keagen from vh1. fun person. >> kimberly: quality booking. >> dana: that's a tease. >> greg: yeah. >> eric: i'm up? i want to put my christmas card up. >> bob: why not? >> eric: there it is. you know what, bob? good boy! he's a good boy. >> bob: at least you got him laying down. >> kimberly: without his special puppy --


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